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“Trust needs to be earned”

Work towards building trust in organization.
As confidence develops, both organizations will become more willing to share plans and develop a more strategic partnership.

“Look for win/win solutions”

Work towards a collaborative relationship driven by shared benefits.
In every situation try to identify ways for both organizations to benefit

“Co-operation, not domination”

Try to establish a co-operative approach. Should remember: “Customer collaboration over contract negotiation”.



Jean Hupperets - Founder of Ecogeneration, ID+D
“I've had the joy to work with CPVIET twice and in both occasions Simplatex delivered us an excellent piece of software. Very communicative, delivers on time and has great project management.”

Rovert Savage - Founder of Pronunciator
“Tough job. Team rose to the occasion, hurdling multiple obstacles with calm and professionalism. I will keep working with Simplatex.”

Brett McDonald - Non-profit, community organisation
“Excellent project management and communication skills, extremely responsive to client needs, patient. Excellent game design, programming, graphic design. Highly recommended.”